# Comment Topics / Categories

See also the concept page.

# Comment Topic Overview

Admin Comment Topics Page

This list shows all currently available topics which can be assigned to comments.

"Subject Name"

The icons in the "Actions" column, when clicked, will do the following:

  • (Minus Sign): Delete this comment topic. Currently this does not work
  • (Pencil): Open the edit dialog for comment topics.

# Comment Topic Edit Dialog

Comment Topic Edit Dialog

In this dialog, you can change the subject and detail name for the comment topic, as well as the comment property keys that are assigned to it. The order in which the properties are listed is the same as on the comment edit dialog. We recommend placing the most frequently used ones higher up for easier access.

By clicking the "Add" Button, you can assign new properties from a list via multi select:

Adding Property Keys Dialog


There is a special case topic you should not delete as it is used within the application code. Currently, this is not configurable (MDASRV-257).

  • "Beobachtung/Sonstiges" for comments created in measure rounds