# Measure Point

See also Management and View Tree.

A "measure point" is a node in your organisational tree. These may consist of river systems, departments, hydro dams, chapters in some report, or any other categories. While the tree can be structured freely, some of the authorisation can be restricted to those subtrees.

In other words, all measure point have got one parent, though this may be the root node, and may have children being measure points and/or time series.


We recommend having a special "measure point" category of organisational leaves consisting of time series only. While not strictly necessary for automatic measurements, the manual measurements (HWE) take these structural leaves into account for their search for appropriate time series.

# Measure Point Categories

Every measure point belongs to exactly one category. This slices the tree into meaningful parts (like "hydro dam", or "chapter"). This may be used for different views in the future. A measure point category has got a special GUI symbol which shows up in the tree. This can be changed when editing categories.


Currently, the measure point category "what" has a special meaning in searching the icon for the measure point (it uses its name), but this will change in the future using more measure point categories.

# Deactivated measure points

A deactivated measure point should not allow any of its (direct children) time series to add further values. They should be treated as if they had been deactivated themselves. You should not add further time series to this measure point (while be do not prohibit this).

We might hide these measure points in the tree and you might need to click on "no restriction" to show deactivated measure points / time series.

# Deleting a measure point

A measure point can only be deleted, if there are no other objects referencing it.

These may be: