# Measure Profiles

See also: Measure Round Page Admin Configuration page.

# Concept

Measure Profiles are data structures that specify which types of time series, and in what order, are measured as part of a manual measure round.

The idea is that the same profile can be applied to different measure points which are structurally identical in what kinds of time series they contain and how they are measured. This is to avoid having to reference every individual time series that is measured.

They are vital for the HWE in order to communicate to hand-measurement units which time series to measure.

# Measure Definitions

In essence, a measure profile is entirely defined by its name and the measure definitions assigned to it.

Each measure definition, in turn, consists of several parts:

  • Position: The place(1-n) in the chronological order of measurements. This can be rearranged on the configuration page.
  • Time Series Type: To specify which type the measured time series should belong to.
  • Upper Bound Type: The type of the time series which should serve as a upper boundary for measure values. If any of the measured values are higher than those of the upper boundary, there will be a warning included in the protocol. If left out, there will be no automatic input validation.
  • Lower Bound Type: Same as upper boundary type, but inverse (lower values will show warnings).
  • Description: Denotes which measurement device is being used (such as "Lichtlotmessung"), as well as including one of several keywords to automatically trigger remarks (see your customer documentation for details).


In order for HWE units to be able to properly select time series to measure, the time series need to have the relevant type assigned to them. See time series properties.

# Setting Measure Profiles in GUI

Currently, measure profiles are exclusively assigned to measure points in the measure point properties as default profiles:

Measure Profile Field

In the near future, there will be an option to overwrite the measure point's default measure profile in the definition of measure rounds.