# Measure Rounds

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# Concept

In MDA, a measure round is a data structure representing a manual measurement procedure involving one or more measure points. They are typically performed by at least two measurement officers(a.k.a. executors), who enter the measured data using HWE units.

For each execution of a measure round, the executor should create a measure-protocol including any relevant information which has a similar role as a time-based protocol in that it serves to hightlight abnormalities in the data, as well as other problems which presented themselves during inspection.

# Measure Round Definition

MDA allows you to create measure round definitions, which contain information how measure rounds should be executed. A measure round definition consists of these components:

  • Name: Simply a textual identifier for the measure round. Required to be unique for HWE units to differentiate. It is recommended to use expressive names for easier identification.
  • Parent: The measure point within which this measure round is supposed to be executed in. All visited measure points are required to be within the parent's subtree in the measure point tree.
  • Measure Round Members: The measure points which can be visited in order to perform manual measurements. They have a order in which they are to be visited, starting at 1. Each one has a measure profile set (can be configured in the measure point properties) which in turn contain the order in which time series are supposed to be measured. Members can be temporarily deactivated or outright removed from a measure round.
  • Interval: The interval in which measure rounds of this definition should be executed. This is informative only, scheduling needs to be done outside of MDA.
  • Active: If a measure round definition is no longer used, it can be deactivated in order to be archived for later reference.


If you remove a measure point from a measure round definition while a measure round is active (or do not update the HWE unit afterwards), the corresponding measure round protocol might not be able to access this measure point if outside of its parent's subtree or misplace some members as "optionally" measured in the protocol.

# Measure Rounds / Executions

Executions of a measure round definition are also simply called measure rounds. You can view and edit executions on the executions tab of the main page.

Every measure round creates a protocol to document it, which needs to be signed by the executor after an evaluation of the measurement values was performed. Just like with daily protocols, each protocol is required to be checked and double-checked by the executors. If necessary, comments can be added to elaborate on problematic data points or other issues.