Photography: Dieter Titscher Fotografie,, Imaging: Johannes Payr - ITEG GmbH

TISGraph is a document-centric modular reporting tool for time-series data.

TISGraph allows to visualize time-series data from diverse sources. TISGraph features an extensive toolset for quick and precise layouting of large amounts of data. Whether you want to informally visualize your data or need to compile reports for the authorities, TISGraph lets you simply do it.

TISGraph is developed by ITEG GmbH in close cooperation with KISTERS.

Custom Add-Ons

The modular approach makes TISGraph ready for custom extensions of its presentation capabilities. For example, isopiestic line charts and envelope curves are available as extension modules.

By default, TISGraph relies on KISTERS WISKI or TSM-Server as a data source. However data sources are extensible too, and can be aquired as extension modules. Data from all installed source adapters may be used in a single document, making it easy to compare data from different sources.

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