# Imported Time Series Values

There are four type of data in time series:

  • HWE sends us through an API a measure-round.
  • Manual data entry (in office, inside MDA). This is NOT recommended.
  • Migration of historic data
  • SCADA Import


You can define a measure round definition in MDA. These are downloaded by HWE. In HWE you are creating an instance, gather data and send the data to our API.

This data is "imported" into our data base triggering formula calculation, comment insertions, and measure round protocol creation.

# Manual data entry

In MDA, you are able to insert data. This is NOT recommended, as we lack most safe guards and "undo" mechanisms. It is implemented only as a last-ditch possibility to get values into e.g. boundary time series.

# Migration of historic data

If you need to migrate historic data from an old database into MDA, this is done in a customer-specific implementation. We recommend own migration time series to separate the data from any other importing possibilities.

Note: In the historic data import, we do not recalculate the formula time series, currently.

# SCADA Import

Using an database based API of Vivavis, we import the current data into the MDA database. Depending upon your SCADA vendor, this will need a customer-specific implementation.

Any formula time series is calculated, the importer is monitored, and erroneous values are quarantined.