# TISGraph Adapter/Data Plugins/Data Sources

TISGraph uses a plugin system to allow importing from different data sources and potentially allow additional functionality(e.g. Isographen). The configuration for accessing data is mostly stored in the TISGraph Data URL.

# Supported data sources

The following data adapters are available thus far:

# Selecting the data source

When selecting a Dataset for a graph,

Selecting a data source for graph

or creating a table cell of type 'Time Dependent Data',

Selecting a data source for a table

you are presented with a second edit dialog titled "Choose an URL". When selecting a Data Source (such as WISKI DB, MDAv2, ...) from the drop down, configuration for that data source's adapter appears.

At this stage, only MDA allows the selection of a data source for images. When inserting an image into a TISGraph document using the Insert Image tool(Image tool, MDA can be chosen as the source in the dropdown above:

Auswahl der Datenquelle Bild