# TISGraph URL

In TISGraph, any document in the database can be accessed directly (e.g. in browser) via an URL. All the adapters also use a URL-based format for data retrieval.

# URL for TISGraph Documents

All files contained in the TISGraph database (documents and images) have a unique document ID (blue in the graphic) and can be retrieved in the Browser via their URL, without having to click through the document tree.

TISGraph Document URL

As was already mentioned under General Information, the language of the interface is determined by the Browser and can be changed by setting the "locale" URL parameter.

# URL for TISGraph Data Source

The exact definition of URLS is defined by the adapters (see supported data sources). This URL-based format defines, how links to data sources, images or other adapter objects(coordinates, aggregations, data hole handling,...) are structured.

The TISGraph Data URL of graphics is found in the "Dataset" Tab (of the graph edit dialog), while table data URLs are fond in the "Structure" Segment (of the table edit dialog). Clicking on the URL in these contexts allows the user to change them, and for instance paste the URL to a different time series, without opening the choose dialog.

TISGraph-Daten-URL bearbeitbar

TISGraph-Daten-URL geändert